Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Why They Keep Losing to the Chimp

A nice post by Ace of Spades. Lots of good writing here. I especially liked this section:
I love how lefties constantly insist that IQ is a fallacy, standardized testing is unfair, emotions are more important than intelligence, and such things simply don't matter (especially when testing is used for education reform).

But deep down, they're all just waiting for the moment to scream, "MY IQ IS HIGHER THAN YOURS! So you have to listen to ME because I'm SMART and you're DUMB!" Or something such as we get with all the sore losers today going on about how the "dumb Southerners" voted for Bush. The minute they lose, it's all about IQ.

I've noticed that. Then again, I think there's a touch of that in everyone. I'm proud to be kinda-smart, but when I meet someone who's smarter than I am, I immediately dismiss him as some sort of head-up-his-a** Poindexter.

My rule is that it matters that I'm smarter than Person X, but if Person Y is smarter than me, really, that extra bit of intelligence is entirely wasted, and is actually a drawback, when you think about it. He should spend more time outdoors, hiking or something, like I don't.

Or, as George Carlin (hate him now, but on-point) noted, anyone who drives slower than you is an a------, but anyone who drives faster is a f------ maniac.

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