Friday, November 19, 2004

Do They Ever Quit?

David Limbaugh has written an energetic screed against the latest liberal complaining. Apparently, they are looking at the cabinet reshuffling as some sort of Stalinist purge and consolidation of power. Liberals. Too afraid to fight the real Taliban theocrats. Too afraid to report on the real Stalinist purges while they were happening. But bravely fighting theocrats and Stalinists that only exist in their fevered imaginations! Limbaugh quotes Sydney Blumenthal:
The op-ed pages are even more pregnant with anti-Bush screeds than before the election. As just one example, Sydney Blumenthal, former Clinton senior advisor, had plenty of venom to spew in his latest column. After detailing how the Bush administration exploited, deceived and cashiered Colin Powell, Blumenthal savaged Condoleezza Rice as an incompetent, opportunistic backstabber.

Blumenthal wrote, "As incompetent as she was at her actual job, she was as agile at bureaucratic positioning. Early on she figured out how to align with the neoconservatives and to damage Powell. Her usurpation is a lesson to him in blind ambition and loyalty."

And of the administration, Blumenthal said, "In this strange Soviet Washington, a system of bureaucratic fear and one-party allegiance has been created in which only loyalists are rewarded. Rice stands as the model. One can never be too loyal. And the loyalists compete to outdo each other. Dissonant information is seen as motivated to injure the president -- disloyalty bordering on treason. Success is defined as support for the political line, failure as departure from the line. An atmosphere of personal vendetta and an incentive system for suppressing realities prevail. This is not an administration; it does not administer -- it is a regime."

The libs have been throwing tantrums about the Darth Vader Republicans for more than my entire adult life (since 1980, when I was 15). That's a quarter century of crying wolf. Shut your pieholes, already!

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