Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Left Prefers Pretend Enemies

Christopher Hitchens rips a new one for all of the liberals who are bawling about the US becoming some kind of theocratic fascist state. You know, the thing that Hitchens is writing against is an excellent illustration of a general tendency on the left, a tendency which contains elements of projection, guilty consciences crying out for validation, and who knows what other pathologies. For example: are lefties really so driven to hug trees and save whales, or is this just some kind of compensation for their support of killing the unborn? Is Bush really Hitler, or is marching in the streets saying he is a way to give cowards a way of feeling brave, like they're fighting Evil? And now this demented whining about Bush voters being theocrats! I guess this lets you take a brave stand against theocratic Bad Guys without having to stand up and fight (or at least support and honor those who do) any real theocratic bad guys. Hitchens lays it all out nicely.

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