Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Monumental, Shameful Coverup

David Limbaugh has a very nice summary of precisely how the media has failed to tell the public even thing one of importance about who Kerry is, and has ruthlessly attacked anyone who dares to try. You know, if you were a Martian who came down to Earth and knew nothing else about the candidates other than that one is under constant, intense scrutiny, and that the other is under zero scrutiny, then for the sake of safety alone, wouldn't you vote for the guy who is under the spotlight and couldn't possibly get away with anything? Limbaugh ends with:
Can you imagine the lengths to which these "objective pursuers of truth" would have gone had just a fraction of these credible charges surfaced against President Bush?

Only after the election will we learn the full truth about John Kerry, whether he wins or loses. And I suspect it's going to shock the daylights out of America.
If only it were so. This is what is so revolting about the prospects of a Kerry victory. If he wins, the media will continue with this charade and coverup for four frickin' years!

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