Thursday, November 04, 2004

Turns Out Anti-Christian Bigotry Has a Cost

David Horowitz has a short post which I'll excerpt in full:
There can be no question that what cost the Democrats the election is the bigotry and arrogance of the left in general and the gay left in particular. I intend to write about this at greater length soon. But the basic fact is that if San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom had not exhibited utter contempt for the will of the people in California as expressed in an anti-gay marriage initiative that had passed by a more than 60 percent majority two years earlier and an utter contempt for the democratic process and the law, President Bush would not have supported a gay marriage amendment and there would probably have been no anti-gay marriage initiatives on the ballot. Instead there were eleven such initiatives, many in swing states including Ohio.In every one of these states, the majority for the initiatives was close to 70%, and that was in the blue counties as well as the red. In Ohio the votes of first time Christian voters, galvanized by this issue were the decisive factor in the election.

It did not have to be this way. All the rights that gays want along with state support of their unions were within their grasp in the form of civil unions. Before the putsch for gay marriage by Newsom and the Massachussetts Supreme Court, a majority of Americans was close to supporting it. But the gay left scorned this compromise and went in your face not only to the religious majority, but to any American who takes due process and the law seriously. And that cost John Kerry the election and has set back the gay rights movement by a decade if not more. On this and other issues, the election demonstrated that the forces of hate and intolerance in our country continue to emanate from the reactionary left. It was its vitriolic hatred for President Bush -- largely because he is a man of faith and because he is from Midland Texas and not the watering holes of the coastal elites -- and its arrogant contempt for America's religious communities that has sunk the left and the Democratic Party and will continue to do so until its leaders are humbled enough to entertain some second thoughts.
Last night I listened to a bit of a couple of San Francisco liberal call-in shows on KGO, those being the Bernie Ward show and the Ray Taliefero show. On Bernie Ward I heard one caller get shouted over by the host so that he couldn't get a single sentence out (to his credit, the caller remained very calm). All the caller was trying to do was say that there had been a slippage in personal morality over the last few decades, and that voters have valid concerns about that. Liberals call Rush Limbaugh a ranter and a hater (out of shear prejudice; how many have actually spent any time listenting to the man)? Limbaugh has never, EVER treated a caller like Bernie Ward did last night. Another caller to Ward was a lady in Pacifica who explained that the brainless Bush voters were only doing what their ministers had programmed them to do. The poor deluded fools!

Taliefero was something else. There must be a reason he's only on at 1:00 AM. He spent most of his time directly mocking "The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost", and mocking folks for believing in God, and mocking the red state idiots, who in Taliefero's fevered imaginings are voting for anything whatsoever that Bush wants to do, because their kindergarten minds know that God is directly telling Bush what to do, so it's OK. He kept saying that they are voting "against their own interests". I guess Ray knows better than they do what their own interests are. I mean he must be an expert, he's got the 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM slot!

If Taliefero had been using the same ranting style against gays, or blacks, or Jews, or Moslems, he'd be shut down pretty quickly. No matter. It's supposed to be this way, according to Christian faith. The world is supposed to hate us in a unique way. Hey, Taliefero, thanks for the validation, guy.

Anyway, I sent the following e-mail to Ward after listening to the Pacifica lady rant with Ward giving his complete agreement.

Hey Bernie, have you ever heard the aphorism that to win a battle, you need to know your enemy? I never listen to your show, but decided to tune in tonight to hear the lamentations of you and your listeners. You have ZERO idea of who Republicans are, what they stand for, why they believe what they do, what is the nature and intelligence level of the 'religious right', and whether, in fact, Republicans and red staters are capable of reasoning and thinking for themselves. How do you expect to win electorally with this kind of delusional assessment of and contempt for those whom you want to persuade? Or have you pretty well found your niche in life as a perpetually embittered late night talk show host who prefers ranting about the "enemy" to actually engaging him as something other than the intellectual strawman you assume him to be? As Dr. Phil might ask, "How is this working for you so far?"

--A Brainwashed Right Wing Religious Robot

Haven't heard back.

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