Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Lefty Blogger Connects Some Dots

Kevin Drum has this to say:
MOST IMPORTANT EVENT....RECONSIDERED....Can I change my mind about the most important event of the campaign? Since George Bush ended up winning, the "most important event" title ought to be something that helped him, not something that helped John Kerry.

With that in mind, I'll plump for the Massachusett's Supreme Court's decision to legalize gay marriage. The result was nearly a dozen initiatives across the country to ban gay marriage and a perfect wedge issue for Republicans. For the second election in a row, it looks like the president was chosen by the courts.
Well maybe chosen by the people who don't look favorably on unaccountable judicial rule by Philosopher Kings dressed in black robes. Some of the commenters to Kevin's post and in other left wing blogosphere locales have been bemoaning the electoral victory of such Neanderthalic bigots. One of Kevin's commenters says:

Wow - looking at all the vitriole towards the Bush supporters - "anti-intellectuals", "bigots" etc etc. - those great unwashed masses of human beings - rural, christian, middle class etc - these idiots can't be my neighbors can they? And you call yourselves the Democratic party? While Soros the billionaire funds your "grass-roots" movements and your candidates are wined and dined by the Hollywood crowd and the New York socialites. Take a good hard look in the mirror at yourselves is all I can say and when you start acting like the party of the common people you just might have a chance. In the meantime listen to yourselves - you can barely hide your utter DISDAIN for the common man. THAT is what America is hearing loud and clear my friends! And why do we need it from you when we can get it from the French any day of the week?

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