Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Life's Simple Pleasures

I haven't done any morning lap swimming since the Thursday before Election Day (now doesn't that seem like another era!). A bad cough kept me away for about three weeks, then there were other events and also the Thanksgiving holiday to prevent me from getting up at 6:30 AM and heading over to the pool. So I was looking forward to a workout with great anticipation.

The pool is outdoors, and it just so happens that this morning was the coldest weather we've had all year (about 29 degrees). Now, how can you beat getting up at dawn, driving past the frost covered roofs and lawns to the pool, stripping down to trunks, earplugs and goggles in the shower room, then bracing yourself for the stinging scurry to the edge of the pool and taking the plunge into the 78 degree water? After maybe 8 laps, I was warmed up enough that the cold air on my back was no longer annoying, and toward the end of the swim, the peach colored sun rays were lighting up the steam as it swirled above the waters. If the dry walk out to the pool was bracing, the drenched walk back to the shower room was something else!

Here's another simple pleasure: ever have a Taco Bell Caramel Apple Empanada?

Via Google, I've gathered the following testimonials:

"Have you partaken of the joy that is the new Taco Bell caramel apple empanada? Ohhhhh, but you must. I know that the restaurant is a cheapie fast food joint; I know that they are lovingly referred to as Taco Hell (by George, anyway) but the caramel apple empanada = muy freakin' bueno."

"New Taco Bell caramel apple empanadas are the F---ING BIZZ-ZZOMB"

"My lunch choice has been influenced. I just got back from taco bell. I brought a santa sack full of apple empanadas..."

"sooooo good. why do you guys keep making me hungry today. i wish someone would bring me some taco bell..."

99 cents, people!

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