Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Merry Chr--, I Mean Happy Hol--, I Mean Krappy Kwanz--, I Mean...Oh, Forget It.

Man, I hate the PC crap that happens this time of year. Last year I saw a joke that this season will henceforth be know as Channuramakwanzmas.

Don Feder has a roundup of outrages that have been perpetrated lest anyone publicly acknowledge Christmas. That would be the establishment of theocracy, you know.

Perhaps I will cut to the chase and make my greeting be "Bland Nondescriptime! May the non-blessings of the non-season be without you!" Or perhaps, "May the weak sun of this solstice season shine upon you! Unless it's cloudy." Maybe "Indifferent Secudays to you!" I don't know, how about "May your credit line be extended in this no-reason season of pleasin'!"

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