Friday, November 05, 2004

Another Manifesto

This time from a Zell Miller democrat. Nicely written.

The first thing the Democratic party must do to rebuild itself is throw away the now not only thoroughly discredited but completely rejected socialist ideology and its gasping, desperate hangers-on. Let me be clear about this. Junking the socialism DOES NOT mean throwing away the core American values that the Democratic party has always done so well upholding. The Dems have always been champions of the poor, working stiffs, and middle class. Socialist ideology is as much their enemy as is rapacious oligarchy, maybe even more so. They're not stupid. They know that. That's why the increasing power of the socialist Left in the party has come close to destroying it. The Dems can continue to powerfully advocate fairness, compassion, and justice without being mired in a swamp of socialist dogma and prejudice.

Another thing the party MUST do is get free from the choke-hold of intellectual elitism. Say it with me now:

People who voted for George W. Bush are neither ignorant nor stupid. Many of them had excellent reasons for doing so, even if we see other reasons they shouldn't have. It was their decision to make, and they made it with as much consideration and deliberation as they thought appropriate. Because we might disagree does NOT make them any less intelligent, educated, moral, compassionate, or anything else. I don't necessarily know what's better for the country than they do, but we all have to make our decision based on our values and available knowledge. Supporting political opinions or candidates I disagree with DOES NOT BY ITSELF MAKE ANYBODY A BAD PERSON.

I know that's a bitter pill for a lot of people to swallow right now, but without that medicine, the Democratic party will not be able to rise off its deathbed. I've already taken my dose today. Now it's your turn.

You know, though, the funny thing is, if the Dems did everything they need to do to be a winning party again, they'd effectively be Republicans. Could it be that there is no longer a logical reason for the Party to exist? That's really the puzzle now, isn't it?

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