Sunday, November 07, 2004

Succinct Takedown of 'Biblical Morality' Being Biggest Factor

The left is quaffing from a whole new ocean of Kool-Aid with this idea that Bush's only support comes from Bible-thumpin' bigots. Listening to "progressive" talk radio the last few nights has been unbelievable. Never in my entire life have I heard such intolerance and bigotry directed at Christians. These people literally think that we are now living in a theocracy. If you replaced "Christian" with "filthy Jew" in everything that's being said, you'd think you were listening to KNAZ, or maybe Al-Jazeera.

This post quickly and cleanly demolishes the whole poll-based notion which the lefties have latched onto about what it was that defeated them. It starts thusly:
I think my hopes that a defeat at the polls would prompt a self-reexamination on the part of the Left have already been dashed. The rapidly emerging consensus on the part of leftist media figures, pundits and political figures is that they lost due to "moral issues," which many are interpreting to mean gay marriage and maybe abortion. The subtext here seems to be that they lost because too many Red Staters are bigots, not because people have lost faith in leftist solutions on economic and regulatory issues.

I swear, one can almost see the spinnerets, erupting from leftist asses pulsing with the liquid silk of rationalizations, just waiting for the barest of factoids on which to spin a comforting cocoon of leftist self-delusion.
At some point, I'm going to have to work more on my writing chops so I can come up with something like that. Go read the rest!

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