Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Nicely Done

Yet another post on what the problem with the Dems is and what they need to do about it. This one is exceedingly well done, polite, and clever. I apologize for so many posts on one topic, but you know, I'm primarily a reader and not a writer, and blog to give a snapshot of what's being talked about. My motto: "I read, I like, I post!" If anyone out there knows how to say that in Latin, let me know. Even better if anyone knows how to say "I look, I like, I link".

Some pithy excerpts (and the sum of the article is much greater than just these parts):
"If you don't want religious Americans to think that you hate them and their beliefs, maybe you should stop hating them and their beliefs."

"Sincere liberal beliefs expressed in a moderate way are better than insincere centrist beliefs expressed in a dishonest way"

You lose not because you don't communicate your intentions clearly, but because you do. Change your intentions, or change the terms of the debate.

Your attachment to the status quo suggests a rationale for your beliefs that extends beyond the political. And religious people know a rival religion when they see it.

Be nice. It's just common sense. You are, after all, outnumbered.

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