Sunday, November 07, 2004

I Like This Picture

Got this from OpinionJournal:

Birds of a Feather?

It ties in nicely with something I said earlier:
Another big theme is the ascendancy of the Republican Party. A very interesting thesis I’ve read somewhere is that American politics runs in 36 year eras. In light of your knowledge of history, reflect on the following time periods: 1968-2004. 1932-1968. 1896-1932. 1860-1896. To me the pattern is pretty clear. Moving forward through time: Republican ascendancy. Republican “coasting” into defeat and not being right for the times. Democratic ascendancy. Democratic decline. Republican ascendancy has been in the air for a long time. Bush aims to make it happen. To give the country a new era comparable to 1932-1968, but under a Republican philosophy. I feel that if you really understand fiscal reality, this is just as crucial as the War on Terror. If we keep running under Democratic philosophical principles, we’re headed for the Third World. Look at Old Europe to see where the future lies unless there are some big changes.
Also, I just reread this analysis post of mine which is a companion to the one I referred to above. Quite interesing (at least to me!) to read it again after the solid victory!

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