Thursday, November 04, 2004

More Confirmation

Nordlinger's whole Impromptus column is good today. Here's a little item which just confirms something. For once, I'd like to see the Dems run as who they really are instead of camouflaging everything. Socialist? Just say so! Agree with the terrorists? Out with it! Give us this clear choice you are always talking about!

Last, you will recall that, on Monday, I published a letter from a young man who had "Fight Terrorism" license plates (Virginia). In Boulder, Colo., a woman pulled up next to him and started denouncing him as a Republican. How did she know he was a Republican? All he had done was express his desire to fight terrorism!

I mean, if we had surmised such a thing, we would have been called McCarthyites.

A reader from MIT writes, "Jay, your 'Fight Terrorism' guy reminded me of a conversation I had with my mom, right before the Democratic convention. My mother herself is somewhat left of center, but she has a finely tuned BS detector and, because of all the toxic crap she hears about him from colleagues who assume she agrees, she is more sympathetic to the president than she would otherwise be.

"Anyway, before the Dem convention, people were speculating about the possibility of a terrorist attack in Boston, and one of her lefter colleagues said, 'Nah, they won't attack us. They know we're not their enemy.'

"I was shocked. All I could say, all I could think, is that that's a nastier statement about liberals in this country than I would ever dare to utter, even in my worst moods, even in the heat of a nasty debate."

You got it, brother.

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