Saturday, November 20, 2004

Excellent Satire

What are morals? The BlameBush blog turns to the morning talk shows for answers...

Obviously flustered, Diane managed to maintain her composure and ask Platz one finally question.

"This country is more divided than ever," she said. "But aside from mocking their religious beliefs and portraying them all as a bunch of superstitious, inbred chimps, how can democrats bridge the divide and win their 'hearts and minds,' so to speak?"

Platz clasped his hands together thoughtfully. "The key, Diane, is to turn Americans away from the zealotry of organized religion and towards a loving Father in the form of a federal government which will nurture them and satisfy all their wants and needs. As long as they believe that "morality" is dispensed by an all-knowing entity other than the state, they'll never vote for Hillary in '08."

"Hey, that rhymes!" Diane giggled before thanking Dr. Platz and breaking for a commercial.

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