Friday, November 12, 2004

Right Out of H.G. Wells

Andrew Stuttaford reports on the slaying of Theo Van Gogh by jihadis in Holland, while Front Page Magazine details the near-violent harrassment of College Republicans by an Islamic mob at San Francisco State (the article includes pictures). One amusing detail is that the ringleader of the harrassers is a lady(?) named Nala Gardizi.

Hmmm...Nala Gardizi. Nala Gardizi. Well, she sure acts like it. Does the SF State administration do much to defend the Republicans or punish the mob? Be serious!

The Stuttaford article paints a picture of soft, tolerant, Eurosocialists being ruthlessly victimized by unassimilated jihadi barbarians. The situation reminds me of The Time Machine by H.G. Wells, wherein the future of mankind has the race split into two evolutionary strains: the soft, peaceful, decadent, childlike Eloi, and the beastly Morlocks, who use the Eloi as food. The Eloi do not even defend themselves. So long as they can pick their flowers and have their fun, they are okay with the occasional one being dragged underground by the Morlocks...

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