Monday, November 29, 2004

A Good Point

Lee at Right Thinking from the Left Coast makes a good point in addressing a UK newspaper's analysis of why the movie Alexander is failing:
Do you know why the film Alexander bombed this weekend? It’s not because it was a lousy movie that got consistently terrible reviews. No, my friends, it is because we red-state Americans are totally homophobic.


So, basically the article sums up like this: “The movie has been plagued by horrendous reviews, and has been widely anticipated to be a flop for quite some time. Nonetheless, there has to be an angle in there somewhere whereby we can twist it to blame the whole thing on those homophobic Christian yahoos over in America.”

So, this sets up an interesting proposition. See, if the film is a flop in the UK as well, then obviously the same conclusion can be inferred from that fact, right? Unless Alexander is a monster hit I’m going to assume that they’re just as much a group of single-neuron sister-marrying gun-toting paranoid homophobes as we are.

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