Thursday, October 14, 2004

Wonderful Point by Point Summary

Jay Nordlinger has a great, great column today. Go read it!


That's my boy. That's my Bush. He a hoss — a debatin' hoss. Last night, he was flat-out marvelous in debate. I said, following the second debate, that he had done well, but not his best. (Who does his best all the time? That's why we call it "best.") Last night, he did his best — and his best is superb. And I say this as an analyst, not a Bush partisan.

Regular readers will trust me on this, I believe.

The president was relaxed, informed, commanding, thoughtful, forceful, humorous — the whole array. Sometimes people ask me, "What do you see in him?" (They particularly ask this after a stumbling performance.) Well, that's what I see in him — the Bush who fully emerged on October 13 is what I see.

Look, if the country saw him last night and still wants to fire him — they really don't want him. What a lot of us have asked is that Bush give it his best shot. This was his best shot. I have kind of an absurd pride in him. I'm sort of bursting. If he loses, it won't be his shame; it'll be the country's.


Some of our critics are taunting us with, "Bush is going to lose, ha, ha, ha. Face up to reality, NRO boys, Kool-Aid drinkers." All that. Frankly, I don't talk much about who will win. I talk about who should win. What the people do is their business. I'm not all that worshipful of the people, frankly. This is part of the joy of not being a politician. This is the people that voted for Clinton twice; that excused him and reviled Ken Starr; that howled for Elián González to be shipped back to Cuba; that gave Al Gore more votes; that has tolerated abortion on demand for 30 years; that embraces a popular culture of raw sewage.

I don't know what the American people will do on Nov. 2. But I know what I'll do. I'll pull the lever for George W., with a full and grateful heart.

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