Thursday, October 28, 2004

Kerry is an Expert on 'Mistakes'

From the Kerry Spot.

[----excerpt in full----]

[10/28 03:42 PM]
"When the Bay of Pigs went sour, John Kennedy had the courage to look America in the eye and say, `I take responsibility, it's my fault," Kerry said, referring to a bungled invasion of Cuba in 1961. "John Kennedy knew how to take responsibility for the mistakes he made and Mr. President, it's long since time for you to start taking responsibility for the mistakes you made."
"You know, mistakes like reminding the Cuban-American community of why they hate the Democratic Party, just five days before an election in which I have staked almost everything on winning in Florida. Mistakes like comparing the popular successful overthrow of Saddam Hussein to a failed coup attempt in Cuba more than forty years ago. Mistakes like that."

[----end excerpt----]

Yup, and mistakes like reminding people of the Democratic Party's foreign policy ineptitude of the last 40 years, and mistakes like reminding people of the consequences of pulling the rug out from fighters for freedom. And mistakes like comparing the U.S. military to the failed Cuba invaders.

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