Friday, October 22, 2004

Don't Even Try It

I just saw this story on Drudge. Apparently Zarqawi and his jihadi ghouls have now taken a British lady hostage. Now, we've seen plenty of videos of men being beheaded by these animals (I don't mean that I personally have watched all of these snuff films; watching the first Berg video was about as much as I ever want to see of these barbarians and their demonic worship rituals). If they do to Margaret Hassan what they did to Nick Berg (and most recently to Bigley), and then publish the tape, do these subhuman curs have the slightest idea what this will do to their death-worshiping cause? Somehow folks can stomach beheadings of men, but seeing a lady getting her head sawed off by these gibbering hyenas, well, let's just say this should make even the peaceniks want to put the hammer down on these motherf------. Well, it should, right?

Margaret Hassan

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