Monday, October 18, 2004

Excellent Disclaimer

Instapundit has penned an excellent disclaimer that applies in general to most blogs, including this one.

[----excerpt in full----]

IN RESPONSE TO A COMMENT BY TONY PIERCE following this post by Jeff Jarvis, I want to make the following disclaimer for the benefit of any readers who haven't been paying attention:

1. InstaPundit is not an unbiased news service. It consists entirely of my opinions and such links to factual items as I find interesting. Its whole purpose is as a vehicle for my biases, in fact. It is not unbiased and objective in any fashion, but rather is opinionated and slanted, much like other, more respectable, outlets such as The New York Times and

2. I do, in fact, support the reelection of George W. Bush. While I'm not overjoyed with Bush, I think that electing John F. Kerry at this juncture would be like electing the ugly bastard child of Jimmy Carter and Millard Fillmore -- in 1940. (I could be wrong, of course, and if Kerry should happen to be elected, I fervently hope to be proven so. But that's how it seems to me. I mean, [for Heaven's sake], just look at the guy.)

3. If this bothers you, please sod off and go read Atrios or Kos.
That concludes this disclaimer.

UPDATE: Hey, compare InstaPundit to Wisconsin Public Radio.

posted at 07:47 PM by Glenn Reynolds

[----end excerpt----]

I like Bush a good bit more than Glenn does, but other than that, the disclaimer applies.

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