Wednesday, October 20, 2004

There is no 'P' in 'Aussies'

Well, I just thought that headline up, and as far as I know, I am the first to come up with the phrase. Good. I was looking for a reason to link to this Mark Steyn column, anyway. Steyn writes a nice essay about the character of John Howard and the meaning of his electoral victory.


"MICHAEL" e-mailed the other day to pre-empt any gloating on the election results: "Iraq was barely mentioned as a campaign issue," he informed me.

"Fear of rising interest rates was the clincher for the conservatives. Please don't claim that this means Australians buy into this 'made in Hollywood' oil war."

Whatever gets you through the night, baby. No Blood For Interest Rates. Makes sense to me, though it's not quite the impression one would have gained from reading excitable Alan Ramsey in The Sydney Morning Herald – ". . . manipulated this country into war... George Bush's toady . . . Thank you and goodnight, John Howard."

Thank you and goodnight, Alan Ramsey – and one mo' time, John Howard! If the Coalition had lost, I don't think "Michael" would be so eager to suggest the election had been all about interest rates...

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