Friday, October 29, 2004

A Heated Debate

Front Page Magazine has an excellent in-depth symposium between leftists and rightists re:Iraq. It's well worth a read. The impression I get is that the leftists have learned nothing, nothing! in the last 30 years. But then you already knew that (that that would be my impression, I mean). Man, 15 years ago I was an avid reader of Chomsky, The Nation, The Progressive, Z Magazine, etc. The lefties in the symposium are singing the identical tired song that they were regarding Nicaragua, Reagan, etc, etc. I think it was said in the 19th century of the French Bourbon dynasty: "They learn nothing. And forget nothing." Human nature is a strange thing. I don't know what it was that snapped me out of my leftist funk, but I thank God daily (I'm not kidding), that I was snapped out of it. Being a leftist is its own punishment...

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