Saturday, October 23, 2004

Liberal Thuggery

Power Line has several must-read links (including pictures) on the widespread outbreaks of liberal brown-shirt behavior.

Update: John Hawkins has done a nice round-up of his own. He also says:
In the interest of fairness I went looking to put together a similar list of shameful incidents involving Republicans. But aside from the currently disputed and unproven allegations of some Democratic registrations being ripped up and thrown in the trash out in Nevada, I couldn't find anything comparable. In fact, using the exact same search criteria that turned up pages of stories involving the vandalism of Bush offices, etc. around the country yielded surprisingly few results when applied to John Kerry. If you know of any incidents of Republicans targeting Kerry offices or supporters with vandalism or thuggish behavior, please send them through so I can post them.

Now, I figure, given that we haven't seen any examples of this kind of Republican thuggery filling the evening newscasts, or yielding banner NYT, WaPo, and BoGlo headlines, or leading to endless speeches by Democratic hacks and politicians, that they must not be happening. This is one case where egregious liberal bias does us all a service. The dog ain't barking.

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