Friday, October 22, 2004

Rome Went from Republic to Empire for a Reason

Oh, it all started innocently enough. Scamming elections, demagoguery, legal chicanery. Later on were political assassinations, mob violence, the law followed if useful, discarded otherwise. Eventually civil wars. Finally the iron fist of Augustus, and peace of a sort. The Senate and People of Rome replaced by the Emperor. The Republic destroyed by folks much like the Democrats. Opinion Journal has a good analysis of the legal assault the Democrats are fixin' to make on this election. Looking through the reader responses, I especially liked this one (nice use of the 'Rubicon' concept):


Hail to the Thief
Philip McDaniel - Cooper City, Fla.

The major media may not want to say it, and certainly the Democratic Party wants to cover it up, but the fact remains that the Gore Campaign tried to steal the election in 2000. Only a rigorous defense by the Republican Party and honest Florida election officials kept that from happening.

Since then, the techniques used by Democratic radicals have only been refined and embraced by the Party as a whole rather than rejected as potentially imperiling our republic. Now in 2004, we may very well be witnessing the crumbling of our government's foundation as legions of lawyers and their commanders set out to halt imagined "conspiracies" and defend the "populace" from perceived foes.

Is there indeed a Rubicon in our future?

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