Friday, October 15, 2004

Why The Dems Must be Defeated

Yesterday, I excerpted in full a post by Steven Green of VodkaPundit. Cold Fury also saw Green's post and had this to say:
He is exactly, precisely correct. I get taken to task all the time for being too partisan, and some people just don’t believe me when I say that I don’t consider myself a Republican at all—because I’m almost universally critical of Democrats here without giving much in the way of equal time for criticism of the Repubs.

Well, there’s a damned good reason for that, and there’s a damned good reason also why this post of Stephen’s has so far garnered 475 comments and 73 Trackbacks. He’s really touched a nerve here, and his post (like the blogosphere itself) is resonating loudly with people who, while they may not entirely trust the Repubs, see the Dems as far, far worse and believe they need a bracing bucket of ice cold water in the face to wake them up before they drive themselves right off the cliff. Personally, I think they should be allowed to go ahead and drive off; in my opinion, the only opportunity anybody needed for learning the lesson about the self-destructive folly of America-bashing, political correctness, and slavish UN/Euro-worship was 9/11 and its aftermath.

The Dems have only themselves to blame for the mess they’re currently in; over a long and painful period of several decades they’ve allowed themselves to become too beholden to too many people who still take great glee in blaming America for everything from global warming, economic deprivation, and war to Plantar warts and the heartbreak of psoriasis. The prospect of the Dems being splintered and ultimately destroyed via post-election fratricide (as Bill Quick has repeatedly suggested) doesn’t bother me much, because 1: I know that some other party will eventually spring up in its place to become a truly Loyal Opposition, which the Dems can no longer claim to be, and 2: they so richly deserve it.

There’s no inherent conflict between being broadmindedly bipartisan and being patriotic—between being respectful of other views and loving your country above all others—but the Dems long ago drew a line between the two and then jumped enthusiastically over to the wrong side. They have become unashamedly anti-American; indeed, unabashed patriotism seems these days to embarrass them far more than the self-righteous loathing and contempt for the American dream that has become their hallmark, even as they continue to insist that such is not the case.

And the final leap over the line they drew was the furor over the 2000 election, and the relentless and irrational Bush hatred that it spawned. It’s Al Gore’s true and only legacy, and he has one hell of a lot to answer for. But, just like the rest of his party, he’d rather go through the rest of his life thinking of himself as a poor, put-upon victim than ever admit he was wrong. The rest of us are required not to hate them but to pity them and censure their folly—and to do all we can to make sure they’re never, ever rewarded for it.

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