Friday, October 15, 2004

Draft Scare-Talk is an Implicit Admission

I hadn't realized this particular angle before. The Kerry-Edwards campaign is cynically trying to make people think that Bush will have to reinstate a draft. Also, during the debates, Kerry tried to give the impression that he can be trusted to win in Iraq. Yet Kerry claims that a draft won't be needed under his watch. Ergo Kerry DOES NOT have the same will as Bush to win in Iraq. For some reason, he just won't need all the troops that Bush would need. I wonder why? Ann Althouse was the first blogger to notice this paradox.

Apropos of all this, my father e-mailed me last week about an irony he'd noticed:
The Dems have raised the specter of the draft among college students in an effort to strike fear in their young hearts. In their view Bush must turn to the draft since we are running out of troops. Kerry even stated the other night that Bush's use of the National Guard was a de facto draft. As you know Tom DeLay brought Rangle's draft re-enactment bill to a vote on the house floor the other day. It lost about 420 to 2 with even old Charlie voting against it. Still, the Dems see this as an issue to excite the 'young-uns'.

But when looking at the two candidates, which one is more likely to NEED the draft? Kerry has so dissed the military over the years that you can count on new recruits and reups dropping off substantially. He has said that he is going to increase the military by 40,000 souls. Considering the drop outs simply because he is President (if he is, that is) he is going to have to increase it by 140,000 just to get his 40,000 additional members - 100,000 to replace those who leave or don't join because of Kerry and the 40,000 more he says he wants.

If we're attacked in a big way even Kerry will be forced to respond. The likelihood of this happening under Kerry is much higher simply because the Islamists will want to test his resolve (wouldn't you if you were a jihadi radical?). So, where is JFK going to get the troops if not from the draft?

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