Friday, October 29, 2004

El Qaeda's Strategy

Interesting article from Front Page Magazine.


It is a universally understood matter, for a variety of reasons, that al Qaida seeks a political defeat of President Bush, particularly because of his aggressive policy of preemption, which has so successfully undermined terrorism and its funding throughout the broader Middle East. The Jihadists do not necessarily prefer John Kerry or his Party. They want Bush out of the White House so that a transition would take place in the Administration, followed by the shaping of new policy (especially different policy in Iraq) with at least 18 months of strategic inaction.

This is al Qaida's plan. Where once they thought they could paralyze the U.S. mostly through direct attacks like the ones in New York and Washington, they now attempt to attain this objective with a much more insidious campaign. Al Qaida thus endeavors in this election to aid in decisively defeating President Bush and his policies or, at the very least, to help create high political and legal tensions within the American political system. The Bin Laden machine was embolden to choose this path because of what they perceived being a deep difference in the national security and strategic views of the two contending candidates for the Presidency. Remember, the Jihadists have their own political scientists too.

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