Thursday, March 03, 2005

Someone Is Sobering Up

Via Brian Tiemann at Peeve Farm, a must-read essay by a Democrat. Perhaps it's just wishful thinking on my part, but as the dominoes are (hopefully!) starting to fall in the Middle East, I'm beginning to get the feeling that the Democratic Party may well have successfully committed suicide through its near-treason to America's war effort and its opposition to Bush since 9/11. Never have so many been proved so wrong about so much so quickly.

In the post where Brian links to the essay, he says:
What it comes down to, apparently, is simply that it's something Bush is in favor of, so automatically it's something that must be opposed. The worst outcome ever, of course, would be if Bush were to fix Social Security—and then get the credit for it. Better to ride a sinking ship down into the deep than to be rescued by a boat with an elephant printed on the side.

It's all the harder to escape this conclusion when we've got Howard Dean showing his dedication to pluralism by kicking off his stint as head of the DNC saying "I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for." Really, Howard? Everything?

I've seen this kind of reactionaryism in several places before, but nowhere so vividly as in Muslim victims of bombs or earthquakes or tsunamis refusing to be rescued by Israelis.

That isn't what the Democrats have become, is it?

Here's a snippet from the essay itself:

So, as a Democrat, I'm wondering: What do we do if President Bush was right? What do we do if the Mideastern dominoes start falling and President Bush goes down in history as Winston Churchill, while we go down as Neville Chamberlain, howling weakly that diplomacy works and military force is no longer necessary? What if our most conservative President goes down in history as a great contributor to the liberal ideals of freedom and tolerance, while we Democrats -- we liberals -- go down as cold-hearted and fearful, unconcerned about the suffering of our fellows while we sit contentedly in our affluence?

If that happens, are we even liberals any more?

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