Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Some No-Holds-Barred Anti-Religious Bigotry

Is on display in an LA Times editorial. The title of the editorial is nice 'n subtle: "Made-in-America Wahhabism: The Christian right is our own brand of extremism." The editorial is ably fisked by The American Thinker. The fisking begins thusly:
The desperate left is reviving old clich├ęs and images, fighting a reactionary rear-guard effort to defend the vision of a secular state and society they have tried to build in the Twentieth Century. Faced with continuing losses at the polls, they are resorting to amplifying the volume of their disdain for those with whom they disagree.

Ugly, bigoted, nearly-incoherent elitist liberal hatred for conservative Protestants is on display this morning on the op-ed pages of the Los Angeles Times. William Thatcher Dowell raises alarms over the campaign to defend the public display of the Ten Commandments, which he curiously seems to think is exclusively a Protestant affair, ignoring the preference of roughly 80% of Americans to do so, a group which must necessarily include many Catholics and Jews.

Here are some lowlights of his screed...

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