Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Here's What I Can't Understand

I think it's highly possible that Terri really is in some sort of PVS and all the apparent "signs of mental life" are just chimeras. But here's what I don't get. If it's so bleedin' obvious that such is the case, then why aren't all the folks so eager to see her die and who I've seen in various comment threads ridiculing everyone making a fuss over this, why aren't these folks (who also seem to be big fans of euthanasia in principle) willing, nay eager to see the lady given a new set of tests by impartial doctors in order to utterly and totally discredit all of the meddling "pro-lifers"? Wouldn't it be an ultimate victory to be able to say, "See? All you MORONS who couldn't mind your own business were WRONG! DEAD WRONG!" Wouldn't that do some serious damage to the Pro-Life movement by having all of this ruckus perceived as being a gigantic "crying wolf" scenario? Are the euthanasia advocates too stupid to see this tremendous, tremendous opportunity? Or is something else holding them back, here? What could it be?

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Beth said...

I'm an admin over at BlogsForTerri and I've been fighting nasty trolls almost nonstop. I'd love to see you post THIS question to them over there!