Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My, How The Tables Have Turned

It seems to me, that, say, back in the 80's, the analog of the present situation would have had liberal activists almost violently sticking up for the rights of the disabled woman whose (possibly) big brute of a husband was trying to do her in, while the "heartless Republicans" would be fighting for government non-interference, privacy, and the giving of the benefit-of-the-doubt to the legal process that had already taken place.

Now, reflecting back on all the campaigns on the part of the left for "disabled rights", it seems that their primary goals might really have had very little to do with the disabled and everything to do with using "disabled rights" as yet another club to "stick it to the corporate man", and as another way to preen about their own moral superiority. When the rubber really meets the road and it's time to stand up and be counted, these opportunists are nowhere to be found. It's a pattern with these people. The National Organization of Women and their total inaction about Clinton's serial abuse of women, including his sexual exploitation of an intern? They who brayed all throughout the 80's that it would be nice if just once, the US would topple dictators rather than supporting them, and who ended up throwing a seditious tantrum when we've gotten around to doing just that?

David Limbaugh says in his column today:
The more I read about this case, the more it weighs on me -- the more a creeping feeling of horror sweeps over me. If, in fact, Terri Schiavo wants to live and is going to be denied that right, the prospect of a court-ordered removal of her feeding tube is no less horrifying than that of a person being buried alive.

If Terri truly wants to live -- as a lawyer visiting with her when her feeding tube was removed avers -- how could any caring person wish death upon her? The question is not whether we think we would want to live in Terri's state, but whether in fact she wants to. Are those advocating Terri's death allowing themselves to consider that this woman truly wants to live -- just like they do?

I doubt that I'll ever be able to understand, much less relate to, the sympathies of certain people. Generally speaking, they seem to feel more compassion for wildlife than animals, more for animals than human beings, more for guilty human beings than innocent ones, more for Communist dictators and tyrannical thugs than freedom fighters, and more for the vindication of an abstract principle devaluing human life than for an actual human being like Terri Schiavo, who, though severely disabled, may truly want to live.

How can we possibly view in a favorable light the position of those who protest to save the lives of convicted killers on death row and who bend over backward to believe their most incredible stories of innocence, but won't lift a finger in support of Terri Schiavo and won't even momentarily consider that Terri wants to live? Where are the "Free Mumia" chanters when Terri needs them?


I detect more than a bit of intellectual dishonesty among many favoring Terri's death. They are claiming they merely want to honor Terri's wishes, yet they rely on her tainted husband, callously discount the testimony of her loving parents, blindly accept the disinformation that Terri is in a purely vegetative state, and ignore multiple firsthand accounts, including from examining physicians and nurses, that Terri is responsive, sometimes animated, and definitely wants to go on living.

Could it be that something besides Terri's wishes motivates many of the death-soldiers, such as an allegiance to the culture of death, or some abject, inhumane resentment that we spend so much money keeping severely disabled people alive? I've received appalling e-mails from people complaining about the financial burden on society in keeping Terri alive.

I noticed this typical canard in a letter to the WSJ today:

If the Republicans are saying, "We're for life", then why are so many of them proponents of the death penalty?

To which my response [forgive me] is, "Uhhh, dickweed, if you're so against the death penalty, than why are you for the killing of innocents?"

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