Monday, March 21, 2005

Against Evil? You Must Be Some Kind Of Darned Republican!

Tidbit from Jay Nordlinger's column today:
Another in our occasional series on assuming Republicanism:

I'm a grad student at the University of Pennsylvania, and I recently attended a party thrown by several grad students in the social sciences. It did not disappoint. Late in the evening, the various flirtations and invitations to further . . . um, "contact" began. In particular, I happened to notice one couple making out rather furiously in the corner of the room.

I also happened to recognize the man with whom the young lady was playing tonsil hockey as the husband of another woman — of a colleague of mine. Without thinking before I spoke, I wondered aloud if his wife was at this party, and what she might think of her spouse's extracurricular activity.

The reaction of several acquaintances (all female grad students) standing near me was instantaneous. One student immediately turned to me and shrieked loud enough for the entire room to hear: "What are you, a Dick Cheney supporter or something?!?!?!"

Says a lot, doesn't t?

Oh, yes.

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