Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Much of leftism seems to me to be a gigantic compensation reaction. Which leads me to assert these aphorisms:

Tree hugging does not atone for baby killing.

Loving animals does not atone for hating people.

Punitive taxation and income redistribution does not atone for a lack of personal charity.

Loving mankind in general does not absolve from the requirement to love people in particular.

Saying "I would not want to live that way" does not absolve from the duty to care for those who do live that way.

Keeping quiet about vice does not give license to indulge in vice.

Pacifism does not atone for cowardice.

Being a religiously neutral secularist does not mean you haven't chosen which master you will serve.

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Leilani said...

I printed this out and posted it in my cubicle at work....excellent!