Tuesday, April 19, 2005

You Will Do What We Tell You, You Won't Do What We Tell You Not To, And You Will Not Have A Say

You Will Do What We Tell You

The Anchoress on Illinois requiring pharmacists to prescribe abortion pills:
This is going to be an issue to watch; it’s going to be big. Once again, we see this insistance that Death trumps all, that what the Culture of Death wants overrides any and all concerns about liberty, freedom of expression and personal conscience.

This governor would not for a moment insist that a Kosher or Muslim butcher provide pork to anyone who asks. He would not demand that the owner of a vegan restaurant serve up a big old steak because someone wants it. He would not tell a newspaper what it had to print. But he’ll tell a pharmacist what he has to stock and supply.

You Won't Do What We Tell You Not To

It seems that in Illinois, they're working on banning ultrasounds given by crisis pregnancy centers so that women can actually make an informed choice about whether to have an abortion. It seems that in addition to discouraging abortion, it could harm the baby. Now that's demented. Details here.

You Will Not Have A Say

John Hawkins gives a good fisking to William Raspberry, who considers Fox News a threat to objective media.

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