Friday, April 01, 2005

Implement Socialism Or We'll Kill The Disabled

Some typical stuff in the Chronicle letters section today:
Editor -- After Terri Schiavo died, President Bush said, "The essence of civilization is that the strong have a duty to protect the weak."

Because he believes this is his obligation, let him put the feeding tube back into all the public health, education and environmental programs he's cut off.

Let him withdraw the feeding tube from big oil and his buddies who are not weak, who need little subsidy and who hobble the middle and lower classes.

Let him reattach the drip to Social Security.

Bush finds it OK to force government down our throats when it supports his immoral imperatives, but he finds it excessive when government aid might support our disadvantaged.

Frankly, his food-for-the-wealthy program has put our long-term financial well-being into a coma and has created despair at home and bitterness abroad.


Editor -- To honor Terri Schiavo's memory, President Bush asks us to build "a culture of life."

What better way to build that culture than by ensuring that all children in this country receive adequate nutrition, housing, health care and education; by protecting Social Security as a safety net for our elderly; by increasing Medicaid and veterans' funding; by guaranteeing that all women have full access to birth control, thus reducing the need for abortion. Also, by passing stronger environmental-protection laws, enforcing existing ones, encouraging conservation and funding the research of renewable energy sources; by strengthening civil rights and providing same-sex couples with the same rights and benefits as heterosexual couples; by outlawing the death penalty and removing the inappropriate interference of government into private matters.

Doing these things can not only help build the culture of life, but can enhance its quality as well.


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