Monday, April 25, 2005

All In A Bunch

Andrew Sullivan receives a well-earned fisking here.

The Conclave was full of conservatives, becuase the current College of Cardinals is full of those who believe the Catholic church should (shocker!) hold fast to God's teachings. I know this is hard to take for a guy like Sullivan, whose feelings have turned his political philosophy into an incoherent mess. The only consistency in Sullivan's recent political writings is his invective against people of faith. His transformation from reasonable conservative into anti-religious bigot has been a long time coming, and this column is proof of how far he's fallen.


And then we come to the point of Sullivan's whining - "modern, open-minded" Catholicism is desirable. Traditional, Biblical Catholicism is something to be avoided. After all, it's the dirty fundamentalist theocrats that believe all that nonsense in the holy book, right?

I'm still in shock at the rank arrogance of Catholics like Andrew Sullivan, who believe it's their right to put their own feelings above God's teachings. Who believe it's okay for a minority of Catholics - those in the West- to dictate where the church should go. During the run up to the Iraq War, American liberals, including Sullivan, decried the "unilateralism" of the Bush administration. Now they're attempting a little of it themselves.

"Before you remove the speck from your neighbor's eye..." indeed.

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