Saturday, April 16, 2005

Bumper Sticker Conversation

I was taking a walk the other day, and was passing through the US Geological Survey parking lot in Menlo Park. A bunch of government employees and scientists (and as we all know, science implies atheism, right? I mean it's been proven somewhere, I think), ergo plenty of left wing bumper stickers. And one of them said "Learn To Think For Yourself". So, I immediately think to myself, "Well, okay, then, how about I start by ignoring bumper stickers that tell me how I should think?"

Side note: Blogger never ceases to annoy. Now they have their much-hyped 'recover post' feature, which apparently saves the text you're editing to a cookie file once per second. Well fine, except for a couple of things. When I push the 'publish' button, I would never trust any web app not to eat text I've created, therefore, I've got my own methods of safeguarding my text, and I'll keep using them anyway. The second thing is that their cursed 'save once a second' feature causes the editor to become choppy as hell when entering and scrolling through text. Gee, thanks, guys. That makes my day a whole lot easier. And I love software that responds like a clunky piece of garbage when I'm trying to think and get things done. Are there any other blogger users who have noticed this annoying new clunkiness of the edit box?


Matt said...

My little parish has three scientists. One is retired, one teaches at UCSF one does research at Stanford.

Matteo said...

Oh, I wasn't implying at all that scientists can't be Christians. I mean, I myself, am basically a scientist. But there is a culture of scientism which rejects Christianity, and the USGS parking lot reflects this. Darwin salamanders are on prominent display, for example.