Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Awesome Photo Essay From Rome

A friend of mine went off to study theology in Rome last year, putting him right into the thick of things these last couple of weeks. He sent out the following e-mail:

Dear Friends,

Some of you have tried to contact me in the past few weeks. It is only now that I've finally found reprieve from all the events, which I'm sure you've followed to one extent or another. And so it is only now that I can somewhat respond to some of your questions regarding my experience of it all. But I will have to disappoint you once again. Put simply, I am still unable to succinctly narrate to you all that have happened.

I mentioned to a few of you about the photo essay I have been compiling. These were over 300 photos which I took beginning Monday, April 4,2005, during the transmission of the Pope's body from the Clementine Hall to St. Peter's Basilica, and ending with the funeral mass our beloved Holy Father. Instead of sending out an email with a large attachment, I have decided to post it on my website instead. If you click on the following link, you should automatically be forwarded to the site.



My friend did a fantastic job on this. There are stunning photos, along with quotes from John Paul II. Hopefully linking to this will not bring down his website!

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