Friday, April 22, 2005

Great Moments In Cowardice And Ineptitude

Republican Senators. Is there anything they can't not do? Oliver North takes a look at the latest foolishness, spinelessness, and rudderless crashing into the styrofoam rocks.

And therein lies the problem for Mr. Bolton, and anyone else willing to accept an appointment from this administration. Vicious assaults and legislative obstruction have long been key parts of the liberal Democrat agenda. But lack of support from the Republican majority has turned the confirmation process into an ordeal by fire. For all the Republican talk about a "nuclear option" to stop filibusters on stalled judicial nominees, the GOP has been firing blanks from water pistols while liberal Democrats beat White House nominees like rented mules.

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Anonymous said...

And Arnold Swarzennager folded and kissed the behind of the latino lobby for illegals. What's next?!

When I heard his first quote, I was truly impressed! He only looks strong.