Thursday, April 07, 2005

Libertarians Against Conservatives

A couple of good posts on the topic. In reading through the comments attached to the second post I found this:
The only message those among the left generally have for Christians is “pay whatever taxes I say you should pay, and otherwise shut up and go away.”...Now libertarians are saying “give us your vote and otherwise shut up and go away.”

How true.

The Ankle Biting Pundits piece quoted in the first post linked above also had this great paragraph:

The libertarian-right’s remarks and behavior during and after the Terri Schiavo debate were terribly counterproductive and demonstrate why libertarianism has never graduated from the junior leagues of American politics. Here we are amidst a gruesome fight over Social Security against an unimaginably hostile press corps and an unscrupulous political left; we are pleading for the cavalry to come riding in. The only faction that can provide anywhere near the ground troops we need is the so-called Religious Right. So what do the libertarians do? They piss all over the Religious Right’s principal issue of the day. If I were James Dobson, or some other politico-religious leader, I’d tell the [libertarian] think tanks, corporations and interest groups hungry for Social Security reform to pound sand.

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