Monday, January 17, 2005

When Americans Look At You Guys, What Do They See?

A very good post at Right Wing News.

Just a taste:
When most Americans think about Democrats, they think of gay "marriage," high taxes, peace at any cost, antipathy to religion, government control and nanny-state politics including welfare expansion and socialised medicine. The Democrats are seen as anti-gun, anti-industry, anti-military, anti-free trade, anti-capitalism, and anti-American sovereignty. Democrats are viewed as the party undermining public support for the war on terror, a war that most Americans understand we must fight and win. There's a reason for this, and it's not some vast right-wing conspiracy. Those are the policies of the Liberals who speak for the Democrats in every public forum. If you're a Democrat, and those policies don't sound like your views, then you'd better take your party back from the Liberals before it's too late. That doesn't mean allowing your leaders to pander to the center, pretending to be more conservative than they really are, as John Kerry did (though too late for the 2004 election) and Hillary Clinton will spend the next four years doing. You need to stand behind leaders who really DO represent your views.

One of the commenters to the Ace of Spades post had a great slogan for the Democrats as they try to reach out to Red State America:

Democrats have somehow managed to become a third-rate party in a two-party system.

For the most part, they seem to think a couple of head-fakes to the right will return them to power. Their new motto:

"Democrats...We Tolerate America!"

Yeah; that oughta' do it.

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