Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Scare Quotes Are Dangerous. Learn How To Use Them.

Especially around the kids. Just got around to looking at the LA Times article about the anti-abortion rally in San Francisco. I found this curiosity:
Those who hope the high court will eventually overturn Roe vs. Wade pointed to 45 million babies "killed" since the law was changed. Many prayed, sang and carried crosses and rosaries. As they held banners exhorting "Abortion Hurts Women" and "Celebrate Life," they were met with critical chants and taunts.

Now correct me if I'm "wrong", but shouldn't the "scare quotes" put into the article by the LA Times "newspaper" have gone around the word "babies" instead of around the word "killed"? I mean, nobody denies that "something" is being killed. "Killed" has never been the issue. "Babies" has. Either the "editors" are losing their touch, or there is a "mole" at the LA Times!

So, it seems that there have been 45 million babies who have had "something" done to them over the last 32 years. I wonder what?

Also, there was a quote from a counter-protestor who said

"We support rights for the individuals who are under attack by the current administration. These people are just proxies for that administration."

My dear paranoid sir, don't you understand democracy? We are not proxies of the Bush Administration, the Bush Administration is a proxy for us!

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