Sunday, January 30, 2005

This Is A Great Day

If you want to know more about the Iraqi election, Instapundit is a good place to start...

Oh, yeah, leftists, NOT IN YOUR NAME.

This post highlights the bellyaching at Democratic Underground. This post pokes a little fun at the MSM.

Instapundit quotes an e-mailer:

I'm remembering the coy saying about the French resistance. "If everyone who claimed to be in the resistance really had been, there would have been nobody left to collaborate."

I make the following prediction: In 20 or 25 years (it might not even take that long) all the people who where saying that the war was wrong and Iraq was wrong will talk about how America brought democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan and how they were a part of it due to their protests and desire for democracy and the end of tyranny. (of course they will not mention that the tyranny that they meant was us.) If the same people who write the current history books write them again be sure that this will happen.

To which Glenn replies: "Heh. Yeah, just like everybody pulled together during the Cold War."

Update: The NYT has a nice election slide show here.

Update: Excellent animated slide show in the form of a .WMV file is here. Set to music ("Fanfare For The Common Man").

Update: I want to be the first to say: Kudos, Democratic Party for all you did to make this day possible. America couldn't have done it without you!

Update: A nice short-and-sweet tribute here, with photos and historical references.

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