Thursday, January 06, 2005

What's In A Name?

Yesterday I discovered the Internet Anagram Server. An anagram is simply words made by rearranging the letters of other words. Often nothing of much interest is produced, but it turns out that "Hillary Rodham Clinton" is a rich source of (apropos?) anagrams:

Tinhorn chairlady moll
Monarchial hind trolly
Anchorman doily thrill
Carolinian doll rhythm
Carryall hind monolith
Old Lincoln arrhythmia
Morally thinclad rhino
Chordal inharmony lilt
Cordial lanolin rhythm (shudder)
Oilily northland charm
Lynch lothario mandril
Darn hormonally lithic
Chill Montana horridly
Ironclad hominy thrall

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