Monday, January 10, 2005

Deeply Delusional

So, I fire up the computer, open Internet Exploder, with Yahoo as my home page, and I see in the news items: "Character issue puts Dems on the defensive". So I think to myself. I think: "Wow, an addressing of the Dems' character deficit in a mainstream source!" Then I look at the article. It starts:
Imagine a Democratic presidential candidate and his allies assailing the character of the Republican nominee in ads and speeches every day for eight months.

Having trouble? That's because Democrats generally don't have the stomach or the discipline to do it. Often they don't even effectively fight back when under attack themselves.

The rest of the article is about how the oh-so-innocent, squeaky-clean John Kerry didn't realize that he had to defend himself against the baseless attacks from the mean old Republicans. You know, those lying Nazis the Democrats are always not talking about.

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