Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Simple Message For The Peace And Wuv 52 to 48 Folks

If I made a poster for these guys, it would say "For 8 years you hated me, you slandered me, you kicked me to the curb. Now you want to be friends?"

Jim Treacher highlights a cogent response.

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Anonymous said...

"The Left" is composed of individual people. These people may belong to a group that slandered and abused conservatives for years, but they might not have the same intention or be at fault for what we suffered at the hands of the liberal illuminati. I think we have to always forgive--NOT put ourselves at a disadvantage by automatically trusting those who haven't earned our trust--and always assume the best of people. Sometimes they can surprise you, for good.. Otherwise, we will end up cold and cynical. And even if it's a cold and cynical world out there, it's not worth letting it destroy you.