Sunday, November 09, 2008

Nicely Stated

Link (from the comments):

Let me help you evaluate "what went wrong."

The voters of CA rejected gay marriage by 62%.

Our courts foisted it on us by a 4-3 margin, ignoring our deliberate, well thought out, and considered votes.

Immediately going for all the gusto, we saw gay marriage being pushed in the public schools, through textbooks, teachable moments, and such things as trips to lesbian teacher's weddings for kindergartners.

We heard in the news from other states about Catholic charities having to stop adoption services due to being unwilling to place kids with gay families, wedding photographers sued (and losing) for being unwilling to photograph gay weddings, and churches getting hassled for not loaning out their sanctuaries for gay weddings.

Then, Jerry Brown goofed around with the constitutional amendment we managed to get on the ballot, deliberately confusing the issue.

Then, we voted again.

We'd appreciate our vote being respected this time. When the courts forced gay marriage upon us, we didn't go marching in the streets.

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