Thursday, November 06, 2008

I'm Sure That High Tech Will Just Love Card Check

Good point:

SO DOES THIS MEAN the conservative cause is lost? Not at all. It simply means that conservatives are going to have to stop appealing to the frustrations of the inarticulate and start making a more intelligent case. The Democratic alliance that has won this election is bound to stumble over its own contradictions. One of the most disappointing developments of recent years has been the decision of West Coast entrepreneurs to think of themselves as bobos rather than businessmen. Silicon Valley has become a Democratic stronghold and tech money was one of the major sources of Obama's millions. Tucked into that Democratic coalition, however, is Organized Labor, now essentially a legion of government employees that is anxious to break back into the high-tech economy. Wait until Microsoft, Google, Cisco and Yahoo find themselves being "organized" by the United Auto Workers on the "Freedom of Choice" check-off system. Then Silicon Valley may find that Republican ideas have a little more virtue.

And hey, it's high time that law firms be unionized, too, yes, Dems?

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