Thursday, November 13, 2008

He Hasn't Been In Office A Single Minute, But Now, Every Day, In Every Way, Things Are Getting Better And Better

Good news! Bombs have just killed 31 in Iraq!

Really, it's good news!

The New Obama Rules

Given the MSM’s track record as one arm of the Democrat national Committee and the official cheering section of the Obama campaign, it’s little wonder that now that “The One” has been elected bad news is good news.

Exhibit A is the headline that accompanied a recent bombing in Iraq that killed scores of people. Since the US invasion of Iraq, the Obamamedia have used violence as a metric of how badly things were going.

But now that Bush is on the way out and Obama is on the way in:

Iraq bombings show progress, challenges

It's a measure of progress that today's blasts, which killed at least 31 people in Baghdad and more elsewhere, according to the Associated Press, represented the worst day of violence since June.

Yes, believe it or not, bomb blast show how wonderful that world is now that Obama has been elected.

This is lick spittle reporting at it's finest. You can’t make this stuff up folks.

If you thought that the media would try to reclaim the mantle of objectivity, you are fooling yourself. Obama has done no wrong in the past and will do no wrong in the future.


Anonymous said...

I read it as the gap between bombings being progress and I've seen similar statements in the media for over a year.

Done any flying lately?

Warren said...


Off subject yet again, but Ed Feser (author of "The Last Superstition") is trying to make me famous:

Matteo said...

Thanks, Warren. I see that Gagdad Bob also referred to the book today. It's definitely on my Amazon list for ordering...