Saturday, October 07, 2006

There's Science, And Then There's Engineering

A different take:

Scientist says: Science is the discovery of how things in the natural world work. Engineering is the practical application of scientific discovery.

Engineer says: Engineering is the practical application of scientific discovery. Scientific discovery is simply reverse engineering.

So you see, it’s really all engineering. You either take something that already exists and reverse engineer it (that’s science) or you take the knowledge gained from reverse engineering and create something that doesn’t already exist with it.

Well, you know, God Himself was principally a Creator (Engineer), and since, "All things came to be through him, and without him nothing came to be" (John 1), he didn't really need to act as a scientist discovering things he didn't already know. With respect to the natural order studied by human science, it would be radically theologically incorrect to call God a scientist, but not to call him an engineer. However, The Son is begotten by The Father through a divine act of self-knowing which is more akin to Science than Engineering, since The Son is "begotten, not made". With respect to Himself (in the relations of the persons of the Trinity), God is a Scientist. With respect to the created order, He is an Engineer. Human science interests itself in the created order, which is primarily about Divine Engineering. Theology interests itself in God's Being, which is uncreated, and based on His own self-knowing (scientia). Human science is about Divine Engineering, while theology is about Divine Science. So there ya go.

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